Whether it's a church, School Gymnasium/Theater/Auditorium, Bank, restaurant, etc. From the Designing stages, to installation, to final evaluation and demonstration of the system, we are involved with the entire process of the project from start to finish. Even after the project is finished, we are here to aid you in any way if the need arises.

We use state of the art modeling software to recreate your room or venue so we can more easily design and pick a speaker system that will be as natural sounding as well as be as evenly distributed across all listening areas in your venue as possible. It also gives us a visual representation of how intelligible the system will be in your specific room's situation.

As for sound system control, large and small, we can design the system to be as easy and user friendly as possible. Controllers with preset settings can give   consistency night after night, especially in the case of systems without house sound engineers. We can also give you full control with a fully digital or analogue mixing console so your "soundman (or woman)" can dial in the perfect mix for you. With a digital format mixing console, we can easily set preset scenes for you, so if you have volunteer sound engineers, you can always resort back to a "default" mix setting. 

We also provide training in the case that you do not have anyone familiar with the digital format of mixing consoles.

We also provide sales and service of school bell and intercom systems.

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Sound, Video & Acoustics

Looking for a way to provide music in your home or business space so you don't have to shuffle through CDs, make playlists, or worry about copyright infringement?

DMX(Digital Music Express) is your solution.

 With over a hundred stations of different genres of music, you don't have to worry about those issues again. If your listening at home, or needing music for  a distributed audio system in a restaurant, bank, doctors office, etc. DMX is the solution for you.

And it's all commercial free!

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A/V Rental Gear

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Are you having issues with speech intelligibility because of the acoustics in the room? 

At Dakota Sound Systems, Inc., we provide consultation, sales and installation of Acoustic Wall and Ceiling treatment for those difficult and highly reverberant spaces.

With the use of our state of the art room modeling software, we can pinpoint those trouble areas and find the best solution to "tame" the reflections in the room.

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Bose MA12 and RMS215 system, perfect for modern high impact praise

Bose 402 and MB4 system with projectors and screens

Since 1991, Dakota Sound Systems, Inc. has been specializing in Audio and Video needs for both Commercial and Residential applications. 

We are North Dakota's ONLY Pro AND Residential Bose Dealer giving us the unique ability to custom design any project from large to small. 

So whether you're in need of a professional sound system for a church or school or audio, video and lighting production for an event; looking for a home theater or distributed home audio system; looking for portable PA options; or simply looking for a small portable audio device that you can sync your smartphone to, we have a solution that will fit your needs.

Dakota Sound Systems, Inc. offers a wide variety of solutions for your sound and video needs. We will design and build the perfect system that will accommodate whatever your audio and video needs may be. We never over sell our clients and we always make sure you have everything you need. We pride ourselves in creating stress-fee experiences for our clients. We don't cut corners, and we ensure that safety is always our first priority. 

We take care of everything from start to finish. We have an impeccable track record with hundreds of returning clients. We have built successful relationships with venues, host motels, and event organizers enabling us to provide you with the best service possible.

Commercial/Pro Sound & Video

Acoustic Wall & Ceiling Treatment

Digital Music Express

Dakota Sound Systems, Inc. is proud to carry only premium, professional-level sound, lighting and video equipment. We rent, install, and perform carry-away services on most of our equipment as well as provide technicians to operate equipment for all venues.  A short list of equipment available includes:

  • Analogue and Digital Multi-Channel Audio Mixer Consoles

  • Audio Processing Systems

  • Active and Passive Speaker systems to accommodate most any venue size and type

  • Power Amplifiers to power the Passive speakers

  • Microphones for speech, instruments, and wireless Hand Held, Lav and Headset options as well.

  • All Cables, adapters and connectors necessary for your Audio, Video and Lighting needs.

  • Video Projectors, Screens and multiple sizes of TV/Monitors

  • Audio/Video Record and Playback including, but not limited to CD, DVD, USB, etc.

  • Stage lighting systems with controller and Dimmer Packs

  • Call or stop in at the store to inquire more specific details on our rental inventory and process